Since the era of marketing started printing had been a very important aspect. It was considered a way of conveying services provided by companies to their potential buyers. Starting from the early 18th century printing business has evolved a lot, not only technologically but also ideologically. For a new industry, it is very important to focus on marketing strategies because of the existing competition from old industries. So it is necessary for them to get in touch with an expert marketing planner.

Here at Tricon Print we provide marketing strategies at a reasonable price. Proper arrangement of fonts, colors, logos, etc. is important to transform an idea into reality. We do quality offset printing with latest print and finishing technology.

At Tricon Print, we do printing like,

Business Cards: – Business encounters often involve exchange of details like address, phone numbers etc. Business card serves this purpose. It does not need much designing but the clarity matters.

Flyers Printing: – Upcoming brands sometimes find it difficult to spend too much fund for its promotion. So they prefer to market their product with the help of flyers commonly known as handbills or pamphlets. It is carried on by the process of hand to hand distribution.

Pull Up Banners: -This are portable banners which can be set up anywhere at will. It is mostly placed outside seminar halls to notify people about events happening in there. It is a cost effective promotional process to attract attention.

Brochure Printing: – Brochures can also be compared to handbills. But the difference lies in its detailing. Brochure gives an insight of the brand and the services they provide in an attractive way by the use of pictures, flow charts, etc.

Stationary Printing: – Stationary design is the section of promotion project which involves great patience and a lot of creativity.

Poster Printing: – Posters are designed for the promotion of a brand by attaching them on walls where it is visible to passersby. Poster designing aims at making the poster eye catching as well as informative.

Booklet Printing: – Booklets are excellent mediums for spreading ideas and thoughts. These kinds of services give best results when utilized for the promotion of production companies because they are handy and can be made very attractive by incorporating various designs.